Dr. Sandip Kumar Agarwal works in the area of Agricultural and Environmental economics, Behavioural Economics and Macroeconomics. He uses econometric methods and computational tools in economics for his research. The data used are either generated from conducting of primary surveys or from secondary sources. One of his present work includes econometric modelling of crop yields in a stochastic framework, which captures the production risk, and its implication for the crop insurance. Another area of active research is using insights from psychology and behavioural studies to assess how that would influence economic decision-making. Another on going study plans to use tools from machine learning to learn about inflation expectation for the urban Indian households from several years of survey data. He is also exploring applications of machine learning tools in policy prediction, and for causal inference so that it expands the use of machine learning in economics for the policy predictions. He has also worked in the data analytics industry for a brief period of time.

Dr. Kaushal Kishore works in the area of public economics, international economics and, industrial organization. He uses both theoretical and quantitative techniques for analyzing problems on various topics such as public policy related to taxation and trade, regulatory policy, antitrust policy, firm behaviour, etc. He is interested in theoretical economic modelling and structural econometrics methods which combines explicit economic theory models with econometric and statistical models. Currently, he is working on inter-jurisdictional policy competition and coordination on taxation and trade policies.