Data Science & Engineering

There has been a growing need for data scientists across the globe to address socio-economic challenges and problems, as well as to facilitate data-based research. It has been observed that students are increasingly becoming more interested in learning tools and techniques, which can help them in solving a broad range of problems across disciplines. Also, with the advent of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, students with creative problem solving ability equipped with the right mathematical and computational tools have bright job prospects.

IISER Bhopal is uniquely placed to offer such a program that requires subject skill set in Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. The interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Data Science & Engineering [DSE] at IISER Bhopal will strive to provide the right platform for students to acquire this expertise, which will help them in exploring a wide variety of domains in the future. This program will be oriented to develop a wide variety of skill sets that are necessary for research, development and analysis in the field of Data Science & Engineering, and will be supplemented with interdisciplinary courses for enhancing domain knowledge.

Come, join us in our efforts to build a unique academic environment to promote interdisciplinary research in Data Science & Engineering!