Department of Data Science and Engineering IISER Bhopal
Vaibhav Kumar

Assistant Professor
Email: vaibhav[at]
Phone: +91 755 269 2681
Research: Geospatial Artificial Intelligence(GeoAI); 3D GIS; Urban Informatics.

Tanmay Basu [Dept. Head]

Assistant Professor
Email: hod_dse[at], tanmay[at]
Phone: +91 755 269 2683
Research: Biomedical Informatics, Information Extraction, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining.

Jasabanta Patro

Assistant Professor
Email: jpatro[at]
Phone: +91 755 269 2687
Research: Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Vinod K Kurmi [DPGC]

Assistant Professor
Email: vinodkk[at]
Phone: +91 755 269 2689
Research: Computer Vision (CV); Deep Learning (DL); Machine Learning (ML); Multimodal and Fair Learning

Akshay Agarwal [DUGC]

Assistant Professor
Email: akagarwal[at]
Phone: +91 755 269 2691
Research: Fair and Trustworthy AI/ML; Biometrics Recognition; Generative Algorithms; Deep Learning in CV; Medical; Brain Image Analysis; NLP/Speech.

Visiting/Adjunct Faculty

Parthiban Srinivasan

Visiting Faculty
Email: parthi[at]
Research:Data Science for Emerging Technologies, Data Wrangling and Visualization, Machine learning and Deep learning.