Department of Data Science and Engineering IISER Bhopal

Department Vision

The Department of DSE @ IISER Bhopal's vision is to make leaders in Data Science to meet the growing demand for Data Scientists and Data Engineers in India and worldwide. The vision is to ensure the students have strong fundamentals in theory, hands-on practise in various data science related tools and technologies, and domain knowledge in natural science, economic science, mathematics and engineering science. The fusion of domain knowledge with data science tools and technologies is the uniqueness of DSE@IISERB.

Recent Publications

Gradient Based Activations for Accurate Bias-Free Learning
Vinod K. Kurmi, Rishabh Sharma, Yash Vardhan Sharma, Vinay P Namboodiri

Harshvardhan Srivastava, Lijin N S, Sruthi S and Tanmay Basu


Sourav Saha, Dwaipayan Roy, B Yuvaraj Goud, Chethan S Reddy and Tanmay Basu



National Technologies day celebration in colobration with Regional Science Centre Bhopal on 11 May, 2024.
Vimarsh ketchup talks.
Dr. Akshay became publication chair and area chair of the premier conference on biometric recognition namely the International Joint Conference on Biometrics Recognition 2024.