Department of Data Science and Engineering IISER Bhopal

(GeoAI) Geospatial Artificial Intelligence

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) research group combines innovations in spatial science, AI methods in machine learning, data mining, optimization, and high-performance computing to extract knowledge from spatial big data. Research focus (not limited to):

  • Geospatial Machine Learning (ML)
  • Feature Extraction Through Deep Learning (DL) From Lidar Point Clouds
  • Information Extraction From Fused or Individual satellite/UAV/street images
  • 3D Geoinformation Science
  • Simulation of Disaster Scenarios
  • Location Optimization of Facilities
  • Social Media Analytics for Infrastructure Planning
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Intelligent Systems’ Lab (ISL)

The research interest of Intelligent Systems’ Lab(ISL group) revolves around various subdomains of NLP and social computing. We try to solve the problems of NLP and social computing using machine learning, complex networks and deep neural techniques. Some of the problems we work on are

  • Credibility evaluation and automated fact-checking
  • Sentiment analysis and E motion detection
  • Multilingual text processing
  • Link prediction in complex networks
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(BDS Lab) Biomedical Data Science Research Lab

The NLP group at IISERB aims to facilitate biomedical discovery by developing, evaluating, and applying novel informatics methods and software to extract, compile and analyze heterogeneous clinical text data. The group has worked on a variety of challenges faced in the clinical NLP domain including Named entity recognition, text mining and sentiment analysis and Machine Learning and many more.

  • Biomedical Literature Mining
  • Knowledge Discovery in Social Media for Better Care
  • Clinical Text Mining
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Visual Data Computing Group (VisDom)

The research areas associated with this group are computer vision (CV), deep learning (DL), and machine learning (ML). Some currently going projects are : -

  • Fairness in Computer Vision and Bias Free Learning
  • Domain Genelization
  • Audio Domain Adaptation & Source-Free Domain Adaptation
  • Computer Vision in Bio-Medical Data
  • Social Awareness Detection using DL and CV
  • Transfer Learning in Computer Vision

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